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Aquarius is the second last sign of the 12 signs that we have of Zodiac. All the people possessing this sign cycle between the midwinter during their season, which turns out to be 20th January to 18 February.

So all you need to keep in mind is keep their fiery energy at bay, and have proper information about them. Even if you are not an Aquarius, you still need to know all the information about them, your planet also well revolves around Aquarius throughout the year. This means their energy is your energy and you both are interrelated. So once in every year, their energy is going to activate your Zodiac energy!

  • Sun Symbol : The Water Bearer
  • Element : Air
  • On a Good Day : They are social and genuine among nature, open-minded and logic implementing, along with courteous and inviting nature.
  • On a Bad Day : They are antisocial and protective about themselves, disconnected from everyone and illogical and irrational.
  • Their Favorite Things : Anything related to computers, including programming and coding. Also, like teaching and independent films.
  • What They Hate : Lack of Justice and overdramatic people, being left out and making a choice.
  • Secret Wish : Want to be completely free from all the shackles and live life to the fullest, without any restrictions.
  • What is an Aquarius like : An adorable smile, long legs and attention seeking walk.

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